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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

'Miracles' by The Moscow State Circus

Moscow State Circus tent

Today the kids and I went to an afternoon performance of 'Miracles' by the Moscow State Circus at Star City in Birmingham. We have been to a number of smaller circus shows previously but were impressed by the scale and style of this troupe. There were many familiar acts which were performed well such as a tight rope artist and acrobats- as this was a Christmas show the line "ten lords a leaping" came to my mind! The Russia influence added to a stylistic performance where the music, costumes and props used added greatly to creating atmosphere and scenes telling a story. 

Acrobats at Moscow State Circus

Tightrope walker at Moscow State Circus

The Christmas theme came shining through with the inclusion of two high wire artists who did their act both within and outside of large spinning clear baubles high up in the tent.

 Acrobats at Moscow State CircusAcrobats at Moscow State Circus

 There was just one clown in this show but he did an excellent job of distracting us between every change of act/equipment with his slap stick efforts which provided a fantastic link between audience and performers by involving audience members in his escapades, all this had my five year old laughing out loud. By far the best bit for my daughter and I was the 'quick change' act where a woman was transformed into different costumes in a second - the slight of hand was so fast that it genuinely seemed quite magical!

Clown at Moscow State Circus

For those looking for something quite traditional to do this Christmas but an alternative to pantomime this certainly might fit the bill and helped us happily pass a grey afternoon. This is a touring show and would be great to view at any time of year. Also- this circus relies of the skill of the human performers and there was no sign of animals in this circus. 

Moscow State Circus

All the usual refreshments and light up toys were available during the show but it was nice that the kids each chose to get a set of wooden Russian dolls as a memento of our trip to the Moscow State Circus. The shows runs until Sunday 8th January at Star City in Birmingham. Tickets are available at the box office at Star City and online (a quick search online shows that ticket offers also seem to be available with some retailers). 

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