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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Not quite Wordless Wednesday: Nostalgia- 1930s Mickey Memorabila

My favourite period of design for the Mouse is the time when the earliest Mickey Mouse memorabilia was released- during the late 1920s and the 1930s. The style of these early pie eyed mice really appeals and luckily adorned a massive range of items. As many of you know I like a bargain and often tend to buy broken and forgotton treasures! Here are photos of many of my earliest bits and pieces, I am hoping to begin posting a bit more often again about my favourite bits and bobs in the vintage section of the blog.

1930's Mickey Mouse memorabilia
Tobacco silks, working trapeze toy, Dean's Rag Doll, Baby's Plate, Christmas cake decoration

Box also contains Fisher Price Pluto paddle puppet, another trapeze toy- unstrung, Japanese musician,
Birthday card, postcard, Pepy's Shuffled Symphonies card game, papier mache head from an ashtray!

Do you have a favourite period of Disney history? Check out other nostalgia photos at the Wordless Wednesday blog hop at


  1. WOW!!! That card game, I think that's which it is, all fanned out in your hand is awesome!! I'm a tad envious!! You know, I look at the original stuffed Mickey's, and I admit, they are just a little creepy to me! That's probably because of what I am used to, but I still can't imagine a kid sleeping with one of those!

    1. Lol! I know what you mean, they are a bit creepy. The stuffed Micky was the only rat faced style Mickey doll made I think in the UK as Walt hated the look as soon as he saw it! Certainly quite different to what we know as Mickey today. The card game is beautiful, so many unique characters.

  2. What a fantastic collection! Pie Eyed Mickey is my favorite as well. It's the best era! I have a metal car with Mickey driving from the 40's. It's so much fun to hunt for.

    1. I agree! So reflective of their time. Hunting is so much fun, I found the Birthday card at the bottom of an antique stall a few months ago at a fair. I went to give the stall holder the £3 penciled on the card and she said just give me £2! Not a Disney fan obviously!

  3. LOVE your vintage memorabilia! So very cool!

    1. Thanks Karen, it really suits our house too which was built in the 20s.


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