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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Getting creative at Art of Disney Animation at Disney Studios Park, Paris

Carrying on my magical memories from our trip to Disneyland Paris in April 2015, another first for us this year was joining the art classes at the end of the Art of Disney Animation in Walt Disney's Studio Park.  I am always a bit disappointed by the film presentations at the beginning of 'The Art of Disney Animation', the clips are nicely chosen but I feel the presentations do not really give much of an insight into the animation process. However, this year the creativity area at the end of the presentations was so much fun for us. My son enjoyed the touchscreen animation activities and my daughter enjoyed making old fashioned Zoetrope animation slides and watching them come to life.

My 6 year old daughter loves to draw and she and I were also excited to see we could learn to draw Disney Characters. The first time we learnt to draw Mushu, the dragon from Mulan, and we returned another day to learn how to draw Micky himself. The step by step instructions were easy to follow and it was fascinating to listen to the instructors quickly move between English, French, German and Spanish to explain how to draw the characters. I found it lovely to step out of the hustle and bustle of a day at the parks and do something peaceful and relaxing. We also ended up with some lovely drawings to take home as extra memories of our trip.

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