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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Peter Pan Goes Wrong

Yesterday started rather nicely when I woke up to be presented with a box of chocs and 2 mini Tsum Tsums by my hubby for our anniversary. That got me in the right frame of mind for a fun day- my daughter and I travelled to Leicester on the train to do a bit of shopping and to go to the theatre to see a matinee of Peter Pan Goes Wrong. First, to the shopping which, of course, included the Disney Store as we don't often get a chance to visit one. E had fun finding the characters around the store and demanding that I photographed her with them. We picked up a couple more Tsum Tsums (Sven and Stitch).

12 Tsums Tsums all in their wooden gift box home!
I also bought a little ice lolly maker which I thought looked like a fun idea  and my son was very excited to see it when I brought it home. We had to fill it up immediately with cordial (half home made and half shop-bought to taste test!)- he asked to try one of the frozen lollies this morning- it went down well!

After lunch we headed to the Curve Theatre for our matinee. Peter Pan Goes Wrong by Mischief Theatre tells the story of a group of polytechnic students putting on their own production of Peter Pan with some disastrous results. I loved it from the moment that the characters came out into the auditorium before the play began and started bantering with us, the audience. All the constantly silly slapstick moments had the whole audience, including my daughter and I, belly laughing out loud! It was a fun and energetic production which did not take itself seriously at all. They say laughter is the best therapy and this one seemed to tickle all ages. Some of the banter between the audience and the actors was great. The play has been touring and has been well received across the UK and has a few more dates to run and you can check it out here:

Another purchase I couldn't resist this week, these vintage Mickey Mouse cartoon canvas prints fill a space in our hallway really well. They are large (80cm by 60cm) and I found them for £12.99 each from B&M Bargains.

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