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Friday, 26 June 2015

It's Friday! 'Shake Up' with Disney and more magic in the garden!

Well summer seems to have arrived in the UK finally and we have had some beautiful warm days here in the Midlands, looking at the forecast we have more hot weather to come. I love spending time in the garden with the kids. My daughter came home from school with a leaflet to tell us about this year's '10 minute shake up pack' from Change for Life with Disney. This is a free pack produced by the NHS which children in England can sign up for at The pack includes a range of 10 minute shake up activities, a team wristband with timer and stickers to go on the included poster. Last year we got the pack and the activities helped to keep the kids entertained and active over the summer, the activities are designed to be short enough to fit a selection in to build up to 60 minutes of exercise each day. We signed up online which was easy to do and my daughter had to choose which team she wanted to join- given a choice from Frozen, Monsters Inc, Big Hero 6 and Toy Story she chose to join team Big Hero 6 saying it was her favourite, her love affair with Frozen over now then! I will share more about the pack when it arrives.

More information has been released about RunDisney at Disneyland Paris next year- - looks exciting! I also noticed online that Disney Store UK has a sale now on- stuff seems to be selling out fast online but there may still be more in store. I am resisting at the moment as I have been continuing to concentrate on adding Disney touches to our garden- second hand statues and my own low or no cost recycling crafting projects. The garden is just magical at the moment- it is full of colour including the blooming wildflowers down in the meadow area and the veg beds are thriving despite the best efforts of the chickens to dig up my seedlings! I have added a second hand Bambi statue- sooo cute! He is currently hiding in the aquilegia by the rabbit shed, staying out of the way of the wheels of the kids bikes. I have also been continuing my Pinterest inspired Disney crafting with an Alice in Wonderland inspired sign made out of reusing bits of old fence panels and finishing tubs of paint (I only had to buy a small tub of pink) and I finally got my cup and saucer tower to stay together properly using superglue and lace! The teapot planter is from B&M. The red rose has come out to bloom in all its glory too which just adds to the whole Alice in Wonderland atmosphere! Mickey was another bargain second hand find- although he had quite a journey from the States and needed a but of repair work once he had arrived! He is living in a old bin which I am using as a planter! He doesn't seem too unhappy in there though! I wanted him to live in the meadow but wanted be able to see him clearly above the amazing daisies and other meadow flowers which are blooming down there.

Happy Friday everyone!

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