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Friday, 10 July 2015

It's Friday! Busy busy busy!

Wow! What an amazingly busy couple of weeks since my last Friday update! I feel like I haven't stopped so I am sitting down (it feels good!) for a few minutes today to share some of the things we have got up to!

Learning to draw Flounder at Disney Store Leicester...
This happened to be on when we were shopping one day. I was so happy that my son chose to join in, he made a great effort before losing interest- I completed his picture for him.

Visiting the Godiva Festival in Coventry for some family fun...
'10 Minute Shake Up with Disney' had their own tent full of fun activities which my daughter loved. Activities included Buzz's assault course, Build a summer snowman relay and Big Hero Six stickyball blitz challenge.  The kids all got fantastic free goody bags- I am not sure where else this is going to visit but it is definitely worth looking out for at festivals this summer.

Ending the day with a trip around the festival fairground...
I have never seen such an array of Disney themed rides and activities in a travelling fairground before! Nothing official and licensed here but some fun and (at times!) beautifully done art work none the less! My kids chose to go on this carousel...

Starting my Couch to 5K plan...
Or, as I think is probably more accurate... stroll to RunDisney! I have been out for my first couple of runs and survived! It was pretty hard going and has shown me that I have much work to do if I am going to enter the RunDisney events at Disneyland Paris next year. I am so glad I have made a start and begun the program which uses short bursts alternating walking and running. These couple of weeks have been so hectic that I haven't managed the three runs a week needed to really keep to the program, I definitely need to find more time for this!

My 'before photo'- setting out for my first run.

Finally, it's been an emotional week celebrating my son's graduation from nursery and my daughter's seventh birthday. Both these included parties at the local soft play centre and there ends a couple of very busy weeks!

Happy Friday everyone!

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