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Friday, 18 September 2015

Telling tales...

This week E and I have begun to read together an old 1965 copy of P.L. Travers' novel 'Mary Poppins'. This will hopefully get us even more excited for our trip to see the new tour of  Mary Poppins on stage in October and also is a good way to explore the original story and how it differs from Disney's interpretation.

The film 'Saving Mr Banks' has been criticised for making assumptions about Travers' when her life was clearly far more complex than is portrayed to create a neat story, I agree with this criticism. However, the film clearly showed how the novel of Mary Poppins was one of the hardest adaptations to film for Disney to make, with Disney's vision of the film not matching P.L. Travers' own, especially with the use of animated fantasy sequences which Travers' was deeply unhappy with. I have to admire PL Travers' determination to see Disney do her story justice in the way she wished. Immediately upon reading the first page of the novel it is interesting to see that Jane and Michael Banks have two younger twin siblings, John and Barbara... I wonder how I will feel about the film after I have finished the book...

This is also, of course, the week in which a new remake of Mary Poppins has been announced and the papers have been bust speculating on the identity of the new magical nanny. Will it be Anne Hathaway who looked so perfectly 'Mary Poppins' in her Saturday Night Live sketch in 2008 or perhaps Emily Blunt or Amy Adams who I think is fabulous in anything...? The other question is how much will the film be based on the book, the previous film, or a bit like Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland it may re-imagine the story altogether?

So what is it with Disney and remakes at the moment? They seem to be on a roll... with the new 'The Jungle Book' film trailer which was released this week. Some of the effects certainly look stunning and yes, we'll probably go and see it but I don't see these live action remakes as in any way competition for the original Disney animated versions, Having said that, I know E loved Cinderella this year and for her, aged 7, she sees the live action version as far preferable to watch than the animated version which she definitely associates with her younger dress up years, perhaps Cinderella's 2015 appearance is slightly easier for girls to relate to also, looking younger than her appearance as an animated character. Perhaps it is the response of the new generation of young Disney fans which will really be the test, showing whether these remakes are making the stories more relevant to them,

What do you think?
Happy Friday everyone!

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