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Friday, 22 January 2016

Disneyland Paris- travel by horse drawn tram, double decker or police van?!!

On every trip to Disneyland Paris I have enjoyed the added interest of the alternative forms of transport which run at some points during the day and liven up Main Street, complimenting the Victorian architecture. On our December 2015 trip we were lucky enough to be around early in the morning to catch the horse drawn tram- we had just walked down Main Street to the square in front the castle when the horse drawn tram arrived but we couldn't resist the opportunity of having a ride even though that would mean doing the walk back down Main Street again!

Adverts for the stores on Main Street are featured in the tram- all beautifully done in keeping with the style. 

It was magical when the Disney snow started falling on Main Street as we were riding along...

We've arrived...

 Here is the next group getting on...

Like the tram, the double decker bus was also decorated with garlands and ribbons for Christmas... we just missed out on a ride on the bus this time and decided not to wait for the next ride... something to enjoy next time...

On our last day (Christmas Eve) with perfect timing the police van arrived in the square and was able to pick up my husband and kids for their final journey back up Main Street to exit the park for the final time. I hung back to take photos and then walked back up. These are certainly leisurely forms of transport as to be expected through a busy park- I think I might have got back before them!

I wonder how many people have left Disneyland in a police van?!!!

Happy Friday everyone!


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