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Friday, 15 January 2016

Winter Wonderland Brunch at Inventions, Disneyland Paris

Real Gingerbread house in the foyer of the Disneyland Hotel. 

Hi all,
I thought I would write a review of our visit to the Inventions Sunday Brunch on Sunday 20th December. This was our first visit to Inventions Restaurant at the Disneyland Hotel and I booked our reservation 60 days in advance as I knew that this themed meal, just before Christmas, would be popular. I also thought that as the parks would be busy it would be a good opportunity for the kids to have lots of character interactions and for E to fill up that all important autograph book. We saw 11 characters- Max, Mickey, Minnie, Clarice, Donald, Daisy, Chip, Dale, Pluto, White Rabbit and Duffy Bear. This was great and we had some lovely characters interactions as you can see below...

The view from the restaurant looks over the park. 

The characters really seemed to take their time with us which was good considering the restaurant was really busy, as I imagine would be expected before Christmas. Only Daisy Duck didn't visit our table and I had to ask a few times to make sure we didn't miss out. Below are some photos of the buffet area, with the fun inventions decor suspended from the ceiling- old wheels, instruments, etc. The only let down was because it was so busy there was quite a lot of queueing for the buffet for the first hour or so which was a shame as it meant we spent less time sitting together as a family- I think two serving areas would have been better. The food was delicious- a large seafood buffet (including my favourite- lobster claws...), a large area of salads and cold meats, and some delicious hot mains (my favourites were the beautifully cooked beef and the chicken in a very tasty sauce)with very tasty sides. Also some beautiful little deserts (I loved the chocolate mousse and the panna cotta). Despite the choice, predictably the kids mainly stuck to pizza and prawns!

Ice Goofy surrounded by LOTS of sea food!

We really did enjoy the experience and were in the restaurant for over two hours. I think we might go again when perhaps it feels less hectic although it was great to see 11 characters in one meal. I would go back for the brunch as I liked meeting rarer characters. It is, however, harder in some ways to do a buffet (especially one with long queues) when waiting for characters as you don't want to miss your turn with them and I can imagine this leads to some difficulties for the characters when they are trying to ensure that they see everyone. I have found character meals in Cafe Mickey and Augberge de Cendrillon more relaxing for that reason although the setting in Inventions and the Disneyland Hotel is stunning and definitely worth checking out. Below are some photos of  Cafe Fantasia, the bar next to the Inventions Restaurant.

Daily character meals at Inventions cost 57 Euros for adults and 31 Euros for children, Sunday Brunch at Disneyland Paris, with a different theme each Sunday afternoon, costs 65 Euros for adults and 32 Euros for children, this includes a glass of champagne for the adults. The costs do vary on special occasions such as over Christmas. When we visited on the Sunday before Christmas the cost was 75 Euros for adults and 36 Euros for children. We were very lucky as they rang A up as free on the cash register as he is little and then when they asked his age they decided it was easier not to change the bill!


Anyway, has that made you hungry? Or perhaps just crave a hug with a large furry Disney character?!

Happy Friday everyone!

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