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Friday, 18 March 2016

Pin on the Disney memories!

My first Disney Pin a few years ago was this little Minnie Mouse, she came second hand with a bundle of Mickey stuff from Ebay. Fast forward to last Easter (2015) and I was completely in love with the  Swing into Spring festival at Disneyland Paris that I came home with a gorgeous Thumper pin. I had to buy it twice as the first one was pinned to my coat before the nightly Dreams show and gone by the end! I loved it so much I replaced it immediately but I have never worn a precious pin again!

So I had a pin collection of 2 when I saw my friend's photos of her amazing collection and she told me that she collected one as a souvenir from each visit to the Disney Parks - what a fantastic idea! I only wished I had started earlier- well thank goodness for Ebay which allowed me to back date my collection!A pin for each trip to a Disney Park- dated or with some significance to tie it to the period when I visited. A couple of extras have also joined the little collection on the journey and it is displayed on my bedroom wall. 


This little pin was a chance find, along with Goofy, when rummaging in a box of pins in a car boot sale. It does, however, have some significance as Aladdin was the first Disney film I owned on Home Video, I remember asking for the video as a Christmas present. 

Pin trading really only took off in 1999 at Walt Disney World so I was really pleased to find this pin on Ebay which represents my visit to Walt Disney World in 1997, Cinderella's Castle was dressed up as a birthday cake to celebrate 25 years of Walt Disney World.

This pin represents my trip to Paris in 1998 with my sister and Mum. It was hard to find an exact date for pins from this time, this one is a bit earlier than my visit as the park changed name from EuroDisney to Disneyland Paris in 1995.

I didn't then return until 2010 when my daughter was 1 and we spent a very happy holiday at Davy Crockett's Ranch. 

We then visited in 2013, the park was finishing celebrating it's first 20 years, This pin is a little odd as the park actually opened in 1992 but I love the way the castle is dressed up for the occasion. 

So here is Thumper from spring 2015, the first pin I actually purchased from a Disney Park. Pins can cost a fair amount retailing at around  6 Euros for the very cheapest in the parks, many cost more and many still have fairly high retail value second hand. There is so much choice but I have only wanted to collect pins with significance to me and so I can't imagine ever wanting to join in with the tradition of pin trading in the parks. 

Here is Duffy Bear, purchased during our December 2015 trip. He was the only pin I could find that had a 2015 date on him, most of the 2015 dated stock had been sold.

Here is the pin from the Mary Poppins musical last year and below are photos of the charity shop frame I converted for my pin collection a few months ago. I was impressed as I had the frame and the felt and wadding already in my craft cupboard. I then found the Mickey silhouette in a tin from a watch I had bought and the project came together nicely. I now need to think what to do next as I will be running out of space! 

I love my little collection and although most of the pins are recent purchases they have such a connection to the trips I have taken that they have created something really special.
Have you collected any pins?


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