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Friday, 2 September 2016

A burst of colour when I am feeling blue!

A short post this week to bring a burst of colour with a few photos of the garden over the summer. New Disney bits and bobs this year are mainly due to finding Disney money boxes in charity shops, including Nemo and Donald in his boat who, accompanied by a solar fountain, have become a water feature in the pond!

I definitely need a bit of colour at the moment as I have a calf injury, with now under a month until I am due to take part in the first Disneyland Paris 5K and Half Marathon. This is quite uncomfortable at times and very frustrating as it is touch and go how long recovery will take. I am getting some physio help, please send lots of healing vibes my way for a speedy recovery. I will post more when I know how things are going.

Anyway, I have just had my first taste of playing Disney Infinity. I bought Keith the starter set for his birthday and he has had fun playing it with the kids. Today we got some more characters as they have reduced in price so much now that the game is being phased out. Some great bargains to be had in shops like Tesco and Smyths Toy Stores if folks are interested in trying it. Disney will be stopping the online content but that does not affect being able to play the games stand alone. Good job I have things to entertain me whilst I am resting this poorly leg!

Happy Friday everyone,


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