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Friday, 11 November 2016

Art Exhibition- Walt Disney Le Mouvement Par Nature

During our recent trip to Disneyland Paris I ventured into Paris itself to visit Art Ludique. This art museum features regular changing exhibitions often related to animation and cartoon art. The current exhibition, which runs until 5th March 2017, is entitled 'L'art des Studios d'Animation - Walt Disney Le Movement Par Nature. The exhibition uses original Disney art work to tell the story of the Walt Disney Studios from the very beginnings of the creation of  the early characters like Mickey up until the very latest film, Moana. The art work includes sketches and concept development art used in the development of many well known films from Snow White to Lady and the Tramp, on to the Lion King and Zootropolis, with many in between.

The most moving aspect of the exhibition for me was seeing the stunning original concept art by artists such as Mary Blair. These pieces often reflected the artistic style if the era in which they were created and in many cases were quite different from the final appearance of the characters and scenes in the completed animations. These talented artists truly explored all aspects of the subject during the early film development.

The exhibition included original sketches, paintings and sculptures. There was even a model created entirely of real sweets used during film development to bring to life the world of Wreck it Ralph. The mist interesting aspect to me was the digital paintings used in concept development of films such as Tangled and Moana, many of which used this new medium to create very impressive art works some of which look like they could have been created using more traditional methods.

The text of the exhibition was in French and English and the accompanying audio guide was also accessible in both these languages. The exhibition ended with an accompanying short film and obligatory trip through the gift shop. I purchased a beautiful catalogue featuring much, possibly all, the art from the exhibition for 36 Euros. I also purchased an unframed poster for 10 Euros and found a lovely second hand frame for it when I got back, a lovely reminder of this visit.

I took a train on RER A from Marne la Valle to Gare de Lyon. Tickets into Paris cost 7 E 90 each way. The gallery was an easy ten minute walk across the river Seine. Not wanting to be disappointed I purchased my ticket in advance from the Art L'udique website but I am unsure how necessary this is.

This was an amazing opportunity to see original Disney art work in this interesting exhibition. I am glad that the kids stayed behind at Disneyland with their dad. Although all the art work would have been accessible to them it was nice to be able to take my time and really study the images for the amazing pieces of art that they are.

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