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Friday, 4 November 2016

Snow White Sunday Brunch at Disneyland Paris

On Sunday 23rd October my daughter and I went to the Sunday Brunch at the Inventions restaurant at Disneyland Hotel. This was at the end of our amazing Halloween trip to Disneyland Paris. As soon as I had heard the theme was going to be Snow White I knew we had to go and my daughter took no persuading! My son and husband opted for a Star Wars burger and to watch the Jedi training instead which totally suited them.

We met all seven dwarfs and Snow White along with jester Goofy, knight Mickey and maiden Minnie. There was also fabulous face painting for the kids which was a lovely touch. Just as the face painter finished painting a Minnie Mouse Pumpkin design on my daughter's cheek, Minnie herself arrived and the face painter took my daughter off to meet her.

I had been worried about just going as a pair and how to be in any of the photos with my daughter but the cast members and the families on all the tables around us were amazing and kindly took photos for me, I was able to take some family shots for them too.

We were at the restaurant for over two hours and took our time eating all the amazing food. We are both big seafood lovers and the selection was amazing.

There is a fabulous selection  of hot dishes and desserts too. Being close to the buffet meant we could relax and eat whilst knowing we weren't missing any of the characters. Luckily as we took our time it didn't matter too much that the characters took a 30 minute break when we had only one dwarf left to meet! We were going nowhere until we had seen them all!

Anyway, luckily this story has a happy ending! We left having enjoyed face painting, a fabulous meal and having met 11 characters. Check out our previous visit to Inventions for a Winter Wonderland Brunch last December here.
Happy days :-)

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