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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Disney Christmas Village 2016

So now we are into December I've got my 'Disney Christmas Village' up and running again- yay! We all get excited when we get it out in our house, especially the kids as it is usually the first decoration to go up. The village has continued to grow and I have continued to think of new ways to display it. This year I decided to finally try to combine the Christmas village houses with my Hawthorne Village Bachmann 'Magic of Disney' train set.

I used a wooden board covered in white snowy felt to create the base and used cardboard boxes to make a mountain tunnel for the train to go through- this has been a bit of a dream after checking out other displays but I have never had the courage to take up the space in our dining room and expand until this year.  The village consists of 8 houses and a carousel plus various figures. I have tried to stay within a 'Mickey and friends' theme for the village. The additional figures (Dumbo and Timothy Mouse, Mickey and Minnie on the railway bridge and the Beast under the railway bridge) are all from the Hawthorne Magic of Disney train set collection.

The village begun five years ago when my husband went to North Carolina for a business trip before Christmas and I wanted him to bring something different back from the States which is not readily available in the UK. In the UK Christmas villages are available but nothing like as popular and wide spread as in North America. A number of garden centres stock brands like Lemax on the run up to Christmas but when I saw the Disney Department 56 pieces that were stocked in Sears I just had to have some. I started with two houses (Mickey's House and the Ice Cream Shop) and a few ornaments.

Since then I have been able to acquire other pieces from Ebay, some from the States (like the Brass Key set which includes the post office, toy shop and diner) and Goofy's Gas Station.

All the other pieces are things which people had sold on Ebay in the UK, mainly brought back from Disney holidays in the States. This includes the squeaky 20 year old Mr Christmas Disney Carousel.

I have been able to add accessories from our local garden centres to the display such as trees, benches and lights plus bulbs with UK plugs to light the houses. My most recent house, found last Christmas, is 'Mickey's Play House' which is my absolute favourite- the details are amazing and great fun complete with slide down the side and ears tower.

My most recent addition to the set up is Daisy on the swing which I created by buying a Lemax Christmas swing from a charity shop for £3, removing the Victorian characters and replacing them with a seated Daisy I happened to have found at a market in France- a perfect match!

This year feels like it has been the most creative yet and I have loved making this magical village- I hope you enjoy it too! Do check out the  video of the village can be found at YouTube here.

Happy Christmas!


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