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Saturday, 10 December 2016


Well we have taken the plunge and signed up for Disneylife this week. Disneylife is available via an app on a variety of platforms including Apple and Android and it allows the user to sign up for access to a wide range of Disney films, music, books and television shows. It has been available since 2015 but I have only now finally been persuaded to sign up. Two main reasons for this are that the monthly fee has now been halved to £4.99 and the Disney channels which are available in the UK are included now as standard, we have never had access to them before and I think I am far more excited than the kids!

Christmas seems a good time to have access to this service as the music includes albums of Christmas songs from Mickey and friends singing children's Christmas classics to the more traditional Candlelight Processional.  It is also a good time to be able to access the Disney channels as new seasonal content is being aired such as Frozen Lego shorts (Northern Lights) and a brand new Christmas special cartoon featuring Donald, Mickey and friends.

The range of films includes many of the classics as well as recent editions. My daughter has been enjoying watching Disney Descendants which seems perfectly pitched at her age group. The music is quite varied and includes the 'They Might be Giants' children albums which have been the highlight of many of our summer holiday journeys. The search option allows for finding some of the less obvious content. I enjoyed listening to the Newsies album this morning.

With one subscription it is possible to load the service onto multiple devices although I feel a big draw back is the limited ability to watch through TV. We are lucky to already have Chromecast attached to our TV which works perfectly with the app, although the live tv aspect has not made it to the Chromecast yet, it is coming soon. The subscription works on a small number of other TVs but it is a consideration if planning to get the app. The content in the app (not the channels) can be downloaded to be viewed off line.

Generally the app seems to work smoothly. Some previous bugs seem to have been ironed out. The only observation I have so far is that when listening to music it tends to restart the first track when it has completed downloading it in the background, Disney really should be able to sort this. Luckily this doesn't go on throughout an album so is of minimal disruption.

Disneylife is available for £4.99 a month with one week free. It is worth looking at cashback via Quidco and the subscription can be cancelled at any time. A standard 10% off in Disney Store is included and other offers come through too (I got 20% off this weekend). I am not sure how long we will subscribe for but I would recommend this subscription, especially for those with young kids who don't currently have access to Disney channels.

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