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Friday, 30 December 2016

Film review - Ballerina

Ballerina film review

So it was definitely my 8 year old dance class loving daughter's film choice today when she and I headed to our local Odeon to watch Ballerina. I have to say I had no desire to watch this film at all but then I don't think it was meant to be aimed at me! This French-Canadian film contained many elements which have been found in children's stories for generations- girl leaves orphanage to follow her dream and find a better life, in this case the girl was Felice whose orphanage was in Brittany in France. The CGI animation was very attractive and the characters were appealing but I kept thinking that Felicie reminded me of Anna from Frozen and I couldn't quite 'let it go!'- sorry!

The journey which the characters went on was fairly light hearted and it was quite gender stereotypical- Felice with her dreams of dancing and her friend, Victor, with dreams to be an inventor- despite my son going to ballet dancing classes he had no interest in seeing this film. My only criticism of the story really was that I felt that Felice was quite deceptive in the way she managed to realise her dreams and although this was addressed it didn't really hold her back - yes, you'll be glad to know the film has a happy ending! My daughter told me she had really enjoyed it and spent the rest of the day happily twirling around the house!


  1. Nice post! I would love to watch this movie with my friends. All of them are coming over this weekend. We have already exhausted watching shows by Andy Yeatman and that’s why I am looking for new movies and shows. I am glad I found this wonderful post online.

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