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Monday, 20 February 2017

Review- Disney Healthy and Delicious Magazine

Disney Healthy and Delicious Magazine Review

This is a little review of a new magazine which I picked up at the supermarket last week, Disney Healthy and Delicious. I had not seen any publicity about this so the first thing I knew about it was when I happened to glance over at the magazine section in the shop. I'm always happy to give Disney part work magazines like this a go when the first couple of introductory editions come at a fraction of the price of the regular price. I did the same with Disney Cakes and Sweets, a similar styled magazine also brought out previously by EagleMoss publishers but not quite so healthy! In this case the magazine will be £5.99 fortnightly and it includes a variety of recipes for savoury and sweet dishes as well as drinks such as smoothies.

Taking a look at issue 1 it includes 14 recipes, each linked to a character or theme from Disney. It includes suggestions on how to include the kids in preparing the food and extra facts and information about the ingredients.  I bought  new smoothie maker in the Christmas sales so I thought I would give the recipe for the 'Pit-stop power booster' drink  a go. Esther was keen to help me prepare it and both kids agreed to taste test the finished drink. 

Disney Healthy and Delicious Magazine Review

Esther enjoyed using the new cutters which came with the magazine to chop shapes from the strawberries- not a requirement of the recipe but we decided we could use the cutters to create shapes to garnish the drinks. The cutters were easy to use and did a very neat job.

Disney Healthy and Delicious Magazine Review

As for the drink, I struggled to get the carrot to be liquid enough in my food processor so this drink came with a crunch and was more chewy than I usually make! Having not made a carrot based smoothie before I need to practice this more. I felt the tastes worked well together, especially the carrot and the ginger. Unfortunately the kids didn't seem to agree and it was just a bit too unusual for them (the ginger was optional but I thought it tasted good). The kids were very happy to eat the shapes they had cut out of the strawberries however! The cutters were a huge hit!

Disney Healthy and Delicious Magazine Review

I also happened across part two in a newsagent when I went in for a newspaper at the weekend. I have yet to look at the recipes but this edition comes with a Mickey branded spiraliser. I can't wait to give this a go as I think spiralisers are another tool to encourage kids to eat more fruit and veg and to try a wider range of food by making the food look fun. I think encouraging people to have fun with food is the main selling point of the magazine and the accompanying range of cookware. 

The recipes in the magazines look delicious and they vary in complexity with some needing just a few ingredients and others much more. I think that in order for this to be a success in our family I would need to simplify and adapt some of the more complex recipes to the tastes of my two- many of the recipes are quite highly seasoned and they tend to prefer plainer tastes. Those recipes which are quite complex I would be prepared to experiment with at the weekend rather than after a long day at work. 

Disney Healthy and Delicious Magazine Review

Other cookware in future editions includes a Minnie Mouse silicone mould perfect for making fruity frozen yogurt and a Mickey face shaped burger press. Those who subscribe to the magazine get further tempting offers such as collectors binders, salad bowls and servers, pancake pans and Disney themed measuring cups. Premium subscribers also get a picnic set. I won't be subscribing at the moment as I feel £5.99 per fortnight is too large for an ongoing commitment but I may buy the magazine again as much for the cookware as for the magazine- it isn't often that I am swayed by the gifts but with this set I think I am! This cookware would certainly encourage my two kids to try new food and I can't fault Disney for trying to encourage families to eat healthy food and try new recipes/ideas. More information can be found on the publishers website here. 



  1. How lovely, I'm surprised I've not seen this advertised anywhere. Those Mickey shaped strawberries are adorable. Thanks for linking up with #TuesdayTreasures

    1. Thanks Angela. I haven't seen it for sale in many places either which is strange.

  2. Loving the strawberry mouse cutter! I haven't seen this mag before but my daughter would love it!


    (Jenny - Accidental Hipster Mum)