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Saturday, 6 May 2017

A day exploring Paris with the kids

On our trips to Disney we have often said we would find the right time to take the kids into Paris and now they are getting older we really enjoyed a day trip during the Easter break. We got the RER train from Val d'Europe, near where we were staying. The train can easily also be caught from Marne la Ville, The Disneyland Paris station which is one stop before. The journey into Paris took about 50 minutes. We walked from the Chatelet Les Halles station up the to Centre Pompodou and then on to the river Seine, on the way passing the impressive city hall and stopping for my daughter to have a turn on a glorious traditional carousel, beautiful carousels are dotted around Paris. 

When we reached the river the kids enjoyed people watching as so much as going on with people exercising along the bank and impressive buildings lining each side. 

 We walked along to Notre Dame Cathedral which is very impressive with plenty of ornate detailing. We passed traditional Art Nouveau style Metro stations and lamp posts.

We passed through the flower and plant market and passed the impressive courts building and walked along to river up to the where there was a mass of love locks. The kids were fascinated by these and I was surprised still to see them as I though Paris had stopped allowing this, I guess they are a draw for tourists!

 We crossed over the river and walked along the other side up to the Louvre art gallery, stopping on the way to buy some pizza for lunch. There are plenty of places which serve child friendly (usually familiar and bland in our case) food in Paris, the pizzas were huge and so we shared them which meant lunch wasn't too expensive.

From the Louvre we walked through the beautiful Tulleries gardens with its lovely displays of spring flowers, fountains and old and modern sculpture, At the far end the kids were rewarded by an impressive playground and we found another beautiful carousel.

We had reached the heart of Paris as we crossed over to the Champs Elysee, stopping to look at the Paris Needle (L'aiguille de Cleopatre) in the Place de Concorde.

The Champes Elysee had some beautiful parks to the right so we were able to admire them and walk some of the way up without being close to the road. When we hit the area where the shops were it was really busy. We did have the obligatory trip to the Disney store, I picked up a Paris pin and my daughter picked up her much wanted Belle animator doll which had been out of stock in the parks.

When we reached the Arc de Triomphe we got the metro train to the Eiffel tower and the kids were then rewarded with ice creams and chocolate crepes on our walk to the tower. We stood as close as possible without having to go through security to get underneath or going up the tower itself. I was thankful that we had had a dry day and had enjoyed our wander around Paris. On this trip we didn't visit any of the indoor galleries and attractions. Hopefully as the kids get older these may be on our agenda but we felt like we had had a great day out in Paris.

We found this was a great stress free day out and quite a contrast to the business of the Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary celebrations that week, Check out the fun we had at the 25th Anniversary celebration here and my 25th anniversary top ten here.

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