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Monday, 19 June 2017

3 Wishes Fairy Festival

Our visit to the 3 Wishes Fairy Festival was a bit of a last minute road trip which I decided upon a couple of weeks ago having first heard about it in an Instagram post from fantasy artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith saying that she was attending. I have always admired her work but as she lives in Florida and usually has a stall at Disney Springs this seemed like a rare opportunity to meet her as she visits the UK occasionally.

Jasmine Becket- Griffith, 3 Wishes Faerie Festival

My decision was sealed when I saw that fairy artists Brian and Wendy Froud would also be in attendance, these are artists whose books I have collected for years as I have admired them since my teens. Brian has a cult following as he was the concept artist on the films Labyrinth and Dark Crystal and has been involved in the new Dark Crystal series for Netflix. Wendy makes stunning fairy dolls and was involved in the creation of Yoda for Star Wars.

Brian and Wendy Froud, 3 Wishes Faerie Festival

I knew I would have the kids with me for the weekend as hubby was off at a different music festival with a mate so when I saw the range of kids craft activities on offer I knew they would love the festival too. In its 11th year, the festival takes play at Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park, Torpoint, Cornwall which overlooks the sea as it enters between Torpoint and Plymouth. The cost was very reasonable and certainly made it far cheaper than other festivals we have been to. My day ticket cost £35 (a weekend adult ticket was £99) with my daughter being £12 for the day and my son (under 7) being free. Jasmine Becket-Griffith's 3 Wishes painting made a beautiful design for the tickets...

Tickets, 3 Wishes Faerie Festival

With all the travelling needed to get to Cornwall and me wanting to rest in hotels on way down and back up I decided to just go for Saturday day tickets but it would be possible to arrive on Thursday for the whole weekend camping on the site which the kids have asked if we can do next year. The train is also a possible we might look at next year.

We arrived on Saturday morning to be greeted by these two as we sat in our car waiting to park. Funnily enough I have met them before at another festival but they were great fun and the kids were entranced as I chatted away to them, admiring their beautiful baby, out of the car window...

3 Wishes Faerie Festival

The festival is very small with a range of  musicians playing Celtic and Folk music on two different stages, plus venues for craft and other activities and a range of stalls selling all things fairy from wings and costumes to dolls and artwork. We even caught some of a hand-fasting ceremony, a fairy version of a wedding ceremony!

3 Wishes Faerie Festival

We loved meeting the artists that we had hoped to see and adding to our collection of books and pictures. Jasmine was happy to sign the books and prints that the kids and I bought and we loved the free 3 Wishes pin badges she gave out.  I now also have a new Brian and Wendy Froud book including a lovely little hand drawn picture which Brian drew above his signature.

The atmosphere was fantastic and very family friendly. During the day the kids took part in a variety of the included workshops including pirate crafts, pebble painting, making unicorn sock puppets, fairy doors from clay and unicorn crafts. I enjoyed being able to relax and listen to the music and take in the atmosphere whilst they were busy.

3 Wishes Faerie Festival

Tickets, 3 Wishes Faerie Festival

We certainly couldn't complain about the weather and thankfully trees and gazebos provided respite from the sun. The food stalls for the weekend were all vegetarian and vegan and the kids enjoyed treats such as doughnuts and crepes and looking around the stalls. My son chose a moving butterfly toy to carry around and my daughter chose a beautiful parasol which was perfect for the hot weather. Activities which we paid extra for included face painting and making glitter sand pictures but both were definitely worth the extra cost.

Tickets, 3 Wishes Faerie Festival

So will we come back? The kids have said they would like to go again next year and they want to camp, they loved it and really enjoy dressing up and this was one time when that was almost compulsory! My daughter said her favourite part was meeting Jasmine Becket-Griffith, possibly as she is in awe of the artist who is now exhibiting pictures of my daughter's favourite 'Monster High Dolls'. One thing is for sure, I thought this was one of the most relaxing and friendly festivals I have ever been to. It is really small but that worked well for us. If it sounds like the thing for you-I recommend it!

3 Wishes Faerie Festival

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