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Sunday, 2 July 2017

10 Minute Shake Up 2017 has arrived!

A couple of weeks ago my kids came home with their new '10 Minute Shake Up' packs. In previous years we have signed up for this to come in the post but the good news is, hopefully, this year it will reach more kids than ever before. This NHS Change4Life initiative is designed to encourage exercise for young children and once again we were excited to see it is supported by Disney.

This year the pack comes with a 'passport' and stickers to cover ten minutes exercise once a day for six weeks. Conveniently just the right length for the summer holidays! Of course my two couldn't wait to try it out from the day they got it we tried some of the games in the park after their swimming lessons. Each 'week' is themed with themes including Frozen, Zootropolis and Beauty and the Beast.  The week has a double page with a suggested activity and space to stick the stickers rewarded for completing the activities. 

My daughter's favourite activity from the pack is 'Belle and the Beast's Snowball Fight'. My son's favourite is 'Lightening McQueen's Track Race'. I love the activity 'Maui's Moves', it has reminded me of how much fun we can have playing games as a family.

10 Minute Shake Up Disney activities by Change4Life

I think that 10 Minute Shake Up is a great way to encourage kids and families to get outside and have fun whilst exercising. For those wanting to try some activities or add to the ones which are in the passport more information can be found by visiting the 10 Minute Shake Up webpage here

10 Minute Shake Up Disney activities by Change4Life

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