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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Disney Descendants 2 on Disneylife

Thank goodness that Friday 20th October 2017 finally arrived and my daughter could finally stop nagging me about when Disney Descendants 2 was going to be on in the UK as that day finally arrived. Ever since we got our DisneyLife subscription my daughter has been a huge Disney Descendants fan and has watched the film quite a few times (I haven't counted!) using our DisneyLife app.

My daughter is now 9 and Disney Descendants have proved a great next step on from Disney Princesses into the tweenage years. She already had a great interest in gothic and horror style and dress up without actually wanting things to be scary so the themes in these films are ideal for her. The films star the children of the Disney villains and Disney royalty and what happens when they go to boarding school, a perfect combination of themes. The clothes and style of the characters also lends itself well to the sort of style my daughter likes, she loves wearing her Descendants leather like jacket!

Last night we sat down to watch the premier of the second film with a party tea as it was on at tea time. I printed off cake toppers from the Disney Family website and we made our own cakes to accompany our party tea. The film was enjoyable and continued on from where Descendants left off. The large number of lively pop songs had my daughter dancing around. I felt the story was fairly predictable but had to keep reminding myself that this wasn't aimed at me- my daughter was enthralled throughout and hopes there will be a Descendants 3, the film certainly left that possibility open. I enjoyed spotting all the references and links to other Disney films and characters throughout the film and the versions of some very familiar Disney songs.

The DisneyLife app costs £4.99 a month and is well worth it. The app also gives access to codes for 10% or sometimes more off in the Disney Store. We use the app to watch TV on my daughter's tablet, our phones but mainly via our ChromeCast device to our TV. There is a vast number of films, cartoons and series' to choose from dating back to the very first Mickey Mouse cartoons. There are also documentaries and the live TV channels included are Disney Junior, Disney Channel and Disney XD channel. This has meant that we have been able to watch a number of premiers and new Disney content on the channels without missing out as we don't have a satellite or cable subscription. The access to lots of music including soundtracks and also talking stories has also began to really enhance long car journeys too. The latest cinematic Disney releases don't tend to be added to the app so we still often end up buying DVDs too if we want to view them again and also we haven't found a way to record the live tv yet so until Descendants 2 is added as content to the app my daughter will still be watching it via the Disney Channel live tv link on the app, thankfully now it has been launched it looks like it will be on plenty of times over the next few days and weeks!

P.S. Judging from their choice of cake the kids were on team Mal, I think they might have based their choice on the marshmallows on top though!

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