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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Disneyland Paris Food and Wine Festival, returning 2018

Le Rendez-vous Gourmand de Disneyland Paris

From 27th July to 30th September 2018, Walt Disney Studios Park will be hosting 'Le Rendez-vous Gourmand de Disneyland Paris'. This celebration of the finest food and drink from France will now include, from this year, Belgium, Italy and Spain as well as foods to cater for a vegan diet. I was lucky enough to be at Disneyland Paris in September 2017 when they were holding their first Food and Wine Festival in the Place de Remy at Disneyland Studios Park. This area outside the Ratatouille ride and Bistro Chez Remy restaurant is designed like a quintessential French market square and so is an ideal space for such an event. The Food and Wine Festival ran from the 8th to 24th September which meant that those of us attending the RunDisney weekend were also able to check it out.

I was suitably hungry as my friends and I pursued the stalls choosing where we would queue. Each stall represented a different area of France with small dishes and wines to reflect the area. Most of the food was priced between 3 and 4 Euro making it easy to choose a few different dishes to try. Also the wine was priced from 3 Euro 50 for a small glass which made it a very pleasant accompaniment to the dishes.

Each region was represented by a small number of dishes. I was particularly keen to try the food from the Bourgogne and Lyonniase regions as the beef bourguignon, potato gratin and sausage in brioche all sounded very tempting...

 The food looked so good displayed at the front of the stall and as I queued I got hungrier. The magic was definitely lost for a few minutes as after placing my order I watched the chef take the small containers out of the fridge and put them in the microwave to heat them up!

Thankfully though the food was delicious and had been clearly cooked to perfection in advance. The beef bourgignon was soft and rich, the potato gratin was very cheesy and creamy and the sausage in brioche worked surprisingly well. It was also a lovely novelty to be able to sit and chill out in a Disney Park with a glass of wine. Visiting the festival felt like quite a grown up thing to do, there weren't many kids around. However, there were some dishes such as crepes and tuna rolls which might appeal more to younger visitors.

Here are some of the other tasty foods I tried which my friends had bought. Ideally I would have loved to have tried it all!

 Just to top it off, after the food, live French music and dancing began and we had a great time - our enthusiasm meant that we were even invited to join in with the dancers at the end! Perhaps it was the influence of the wine and the atmosphere but we were happy to dance along!

Well done Disneyland Paris for this successful first little Food and Wine Festival. I definitely think this is something that could become an annual feature and perhaps expand to include other European flavours. It was a great use of this part of the Studios. I also left having purchase a souvenir wine glass from the event by Arribas Brothers, what better reminder- cheers!


  1. Looks great. Good to see pictures of the food options and get an idea on how much they cost

    1. Thanks KJ. It was lovely. The food we tried was all of a consistently good standard. It was nice to try little portions of different things, a bit like ordering Tapas.

  2. I didn't realize Paris did a food & fest too! Good to know! Also, love that people were dancing along with the band. So cute!

    1. Yes, that was us they got up to dance! Didn't take much pursuading as it was a lot of fun. The music gave it a great atmosphere.