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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Photo Tour of Rio Grande Room, Santa Fe Hotel, Disneyland Paris

I stayed at the Santa Fe Hotel for the first time during the September 2017 RunDisney weekend. This is the budget hotel option at Disneyland Paris along with the Cheyenne Hotel but I really felt I got to see this hotel at its best as it was bathed in glorious sunshine all weekend which really suits its Tex-Mex theming with Mexican style buildings with cactus growing in the grounds. The room was clean and comfortable and provided lots of decor around the Disney Cars theme with lamps, mirrors, pictures, borders, curtains and shower curtains all themed.
View from the front of the hotel. 

Santa Fe, Disneyland Paris
The areas around the buildings were planted up with palms and cactus. 

The buildings were given a Mexican feel with the colours and angular stepped sides. 

There was a safe and closet space just inside the room. 

The room included a pretty mirror. 

There were two double beds, check out the traffic cone lights!

Each bed had a decorative Cars themed cover. The room had Cars pictures and Cars wallpaper border.

I loved the bathroom mirror!

More bathroom details.

I always love it when the shower gel and shampoo has Mickey ears!

The building was very close to the river which provided a pleasant 10 minute walk to the parks.

I hope this photo tour might help Disneyland Paris visitors when deciding where to stay. A big bonus for me was that there was a bath, especially as this was race weekend and so it was a very welcome addition! The room was smaller than those in some of the more expensive Disneyland Paris hotels but is adequate for a base. The room did not include a kettle, I brought my own travel kettle but they can be hired from reception. I am looking forward to when we stay here again as my son is a big Cars fan. I have also reviewed the Texas Rooms at the Hotel Cheyenne here and posted a write up of our most recent stay at Davy Crockett Ranch here.

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