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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Olaf's Frozen Adventure Review

On Sunday 26th November we snook in a quick trip to the cinema to see Olaf's Frozen Adventure. We knew we wouldn't be able to stay to watch Frozen again as we were on our way to a Birthday Party but it was this new featurette that we really wanted to see.

Olaf's Frozen Adventure is a 21 minute film which has been showing in the US before the new Disney film, Coco. Unfortunately Coco doesn't arrive in the UK until January and this short has a strong Christmas theme so it was great to have an opportunity to see it before the holidays arrive. It was shown nationally over the weekend of 25th and 26th November in morning cinema clubs and showings and due to its popularity will be shown again in UK cinemas next weekend (beginning of December).

I couldn't believe how much they squeezed into 21 minutes. Another mum said the same as we left, it seemed much longer! I think this was cleverly done by Disney including a fast moving story and a number of short but distinctive and original songs, this wasn't a rehash of Frozen but all felt very original. Both the kids said they enjoyed it which is high praise especially from my daughter who at 9 has taken a sudden dislike to anything to do with Frozen!

The animation was beautiful as usual and lived up to the standard of the first film. It was very Christmassy with Olaf going on a journey to find Christmas traditions- they certainly squeezed many of them in! I think the style of Frozen with its carved wooden decor, accompanied by a reindeer and sleigh lends itself so well to a beautiful, traditional looking Christmas tale.

It would be great if this is released as its own little DVD in time for Christmas, we may have to wait until next year but I think it is a lovely fun film to get into the Christmas Spirit! Hohoho!

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