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Friday, 3 November 2017

Photo Tour of Texas room, Hotel Cheyenne, Disneyland Paris

So having done a photo tour of a Rio Grande room at the hotel Santa Fe here I thought I'd share some photos of when we stayed in one of the then newly refurbished Texas rooms at Hotel Cheyenne in 2016. I love the 'Wild West' theme throughout this hotel, with the hotel buildings all creating a Texan town. The incorporation in 2016 of the Toy Story cowboy theme into these renovated Texas rooms is done well.

The photos are pretty self explanatory. The room includes a double bed and a single with a second pullout. The bathroom included a shower over the bath. A kettle can be hired as one is not provided in the room. I think that the standard and size of the facilities I have stayed in at the Cheyenne and Santa Fe are both fairly comparable. They are at the budget end of the Disney hotels but the theming of both is fun and enjoyable. This room comes complete with Cowboy boot lamp, horseshoe mirror, Toy Story border and picture. Woody features throughout including on the light fittings. Even the curtains and bed covers all continue the theme.

I think that despite being at the bottom of the budget range for the onsite Disneyland Paris hotels both the Cheyenne and Santa Fe provide a fun slice of Disney magic. I love the town theme of the Cheyenne with camp fire in the middle and pony rides in the summer. I have also reviewed the Davy Crockett Ranch here, the Disney cabins which are a ten minute drive from the park are also another Wild West themed resort. I hope these reviews might help those new to the hotels to choose where they would like to stay.

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