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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Pin Release Day at Disneyland Paris AKA A tale of true love at Christmas time!

I have a little collection of pins including pins related to the dates and places of my previous Disney trips. When I saw the pin release poster for December 2017, the pin I really liked was a limited edition that was going to be released on Saturday December 23rd and I realised this happened to be during our Christmas trip to Disneyland Paris. My favourite pin on the poster showed Tinker Bell lighting a lamp, a reminder of the beautiful 25th anniversary decorations around Main Street with the words 'Hiver (winter) 2017' on it.

I had no idea about what happened on pin release days, all I found out online was that the pins were released at the Pueblo Trading Post, a small store which mainly opens for pin events and for pin sales at weekends and which is situated next to the currently closed Pocahontas Playground, off the beaten track in Frontierland.

We were staying at the Santa Fe and I realised I had booked swimming at Hotel New York with my Infinity pass for that morning and I had promised my daughter that we would have that swim! At quarter past nine my husband, Keith, very kindly offered to go on a pin hunt - he had instructions that I would like the pin with Tinker Bell and the lamp as my first choice, the other Tinker Bell pin as second choice and the Winnie the Pooh pin as third. I love the dragon pin too but felt I wanted something that looked Christmasy to remind me of this trip.

Keith and our surprisingly patient son joined the back of a long queue which snaked out of the trading post and after waiting for about an hour a cast member finally arrived and told him that he should have got a wrist band from the Liberty Arcade before even joining the queue! He wasn't the only one who  didn't know this system but she thankfully saved him the trip and gave him a wrist band which was coloured gold and meant that he was a 'last chance' buyer and she said he would get in between 11 and 11.30. After 20 minutes of not moving they left the queue and went on some rides before my daughter and I met up with them after our lovely relaxing swim!

Unfortunately as the wrist band was not transferable I couldn't take my husband's place in the queue so I took the kids off so my daughter could get her face painted and go to Aladdin's Enchanted Passage for my son. Keith went and queued again, not knowing if 'last chance' would mean he would come away with any pins or would leave empty handed! After another hour he returned to us just before we met the Genie with all three pins. After all that queuing he felt he needed to get a few so he bought both the Tinkerbell pins and the Pooh one. They included an annual pass discount but I felt very lucky and spoilt! I love how the  'Joyeux Noel' Tinker Bell pin can set any date on it making it perfect for a Christmas countdown.

Others in the queue had been buying the pins to immediately trade at the tables outside the store where a number of pin traders had set up. The pins are very unique to Disneyland Paris being limited numbered editions of 700, the numbers of the exact pins are written on the back of them. Keith felt that despite having a 'last chance' wrist band there were quite a few left although the numbers are around 5-600 so perhaps most of the pins were sold that morning.

I tell this tale as we had not gone through the experience of queuing for these new release limited edition pins before and it may help others to know the system. I have since found a useful article about this and the Pueblo Trading Post at DLP Town Square here. I am so thankful to have come home with these beautiful pins to add to my collection and want to say a huge thank you to Keith for waiting so long to get them for me- a gorgeous Christmas present!

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