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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Cocoa with Coco at the Fuente Del Oro Restaurant, Disneyland Paris

Our December 2017 trip to Disneyland Paris was definitely more wet than wintry, the damp lingered on the ground and in the air. One thing which really warmed me up, however, was a trip to the Mexican themed Fuente Del Oro Restaurant for lunch and what turned out to be the best hot chocolate I've ever had! Over the last few months the restaurant has been themed around the film 'Coco' which is about to be released in the UK so I thought I would share some photos of the amazing decor that has been added to this restaurant. 

The Fuente Del Oro is in Frontierland, opposite the entrance to Big Thunder Mountain. The restaurant offers a small range of quick service Mexican style food such as Fajitas, Mexican rice and loaded tortilla chips. I have only ever had the chicken fajitas before but I have enjoyed them enough to return to the restaurant on various visits to have them again, they are tasty and come with a good sized portion of chicken, peppers and onions to stuff the tortillas with. The meal is also served with the rice and so they make a nice change to fries and other fast food.The new decor looked fantastic and I feel has given the restaurant a needed new breath of life and added to the theme perfectly. I don't know how long the Coco theming will continue but it would be great if the decor was to now remain in place beyond the release of the film. 

This puppet of Miguel, star of the film, who was wandering around and greeting guests was enchanting and engaged my son who was the perfect height to shake his hand!

The Mariachi band were playing undercover due to the rain. They provided a nice bit of entertainment whilst I queued up to buy food inside the restaurant. With the combination perhaps of it being the week before Christmas, raining outside and the fabulous new theming, the restaurant was busier than I have ever seen it before and so I queued for different parts of the meal for about 30 minutes in total. The frustrating thing is that the fajitas are served from a separate area and then the hot chocolate was served from yet another area at the end so I really felt like I had earned this meal by the time I had queued three times to buy it!

Finally, I have to admit I bought the hot chocolate because I really liked the cup and wanted one to bring home. In fact I had asked just to buy the mug but the server misheard and I decided I may as well give the hot chocolate a go too. I had some little helpers (especially with the cream and marshmallows on top) but the hot chocolate was absolutely delicious! I never knew Disneyland Paris hot chocolate tasted so good! It wasn't wishy-washy but was think and creamy, I am a complete convert! 

What do you think of the restaurant? Have you ever eaten here before? More to the point, have you ever tried Disneyland Paris hot chocolate? I recommend it...

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