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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Disney Weenies at Disneyland Paris

So I have learnt something new this week. This week's Wordless Wednesday theme is 'Disney Weenies' and Deb at writes that a Disney Weenie is what 'Walt Disney and his Imagineers called the iconic structures or focal points in each of the Disney parks and lands. They are big enough to be seen from a distance and interesting enough to draw you closer for a better look. Examples can be seen in all the parks.'

Here are a few photos of 'Disney Weenies' that I have taken at Disneyland Paris. My favourite at Disneyland Paris is the 'Earful Tower' at Walt Disney Studios. I will never forget the thrill of seeing it come into view at Walt Disney World on my first Disney trip when I was 18. The Hollywood Studio's version in Florida was taken down in 2016 which makes the Disneyland Paris one even more special, I hope it continues as an icon in the park. See more 'Disney weenies' at the Wordless Wednesday blog hop at

Do you have any favourite 'Disney weenies'?


  1. The Earful Tower in Walt Disney World was always a favorite of mine. They would dress it up for the holidays and events which was fun to see. I miss it:(

    1. I think it was a huge mistake to remove such an iconic building. It was the perfect classic and timeless emblem for Hollywood Studios. So sad it went!