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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Disneyland Paris Christmas Scrapbook

Christmas on Main Street  

In December we went for our second Christmas trip to Disneyland Paris, the first was in 2015 but Christmas 2017 seemed bigger and better! It was jam packed with Christmas magic! There were so many different special Christmas things happening and this year the Studio park had a range of Christmas entertainment too. Click on the images for a better look...

Mickey's Big Band- top left and centre, Christmas decorations,
Santa projected during Goofy's Incredible Christmas, Meet Minnie 
The new shows for 2017 included the amazing Mickey's Big Band where Mickey, Minnie and Goofy joined singers, dancers and talented musicians for a Christmas Jazz band which was truly spectacular and was my absolute highlight. On the Castle stage there was more singing and dancing with the characters in the Merry Stitchmas show. The other events included the new advent calendar which was opened each morning by a chosen visiting child with Cast members acting in full Victorian costume. Twice each day there was the traditional tree lighting every evening in Main Street and the  Frozen Singalong show played regularly in the theatre. The Christmas parade was fun with dancers and brightly coloured seasonal themed floats and the kids enjoyed their high fives from the Three Little Pigs.

Tree at Disneyland Hotel, Treats at Disney Village, Advent Calendar,
Christmas Parade, It's A Small World Christmas
There were many Christmas meet and greets in both parks and we thought the meet and greet with Santa was fab as he was very enthusiastic and seemed to be straight from the North Pole! 'It's a Small World' is my son's favourite ride and it looked great with a Christmas make over and the addition of some Christmas music.

Christmas Parade, Studio's show, decorations and snow on Main Street,
Meeting Santa, Limited Edition Christmas Pin
Christmas food included tempting stalls in the Disney Village and a delicious seasonal menu at The Lucky Nugget Saloon along with decor such as gingerbread houses. Of course, we can't forget the huge gingerbread house on display at the Disneyland Hotel along with the Christmas tree encircled with brilliant working train sets.

Gingerbread house at La Grange Buffet, Decorated bus, Disney Village stall,
Christmas Parade, It's a Small World Christmas
Over in the Studios there was meet and greets with Santa Goofy and Christmas Minnie, a Christmas singalong 'Sing Me a Merry Christmas' show with the main characters and a great new evening show called Goofy's Incredible Christmas just before closing with the main characters and impressive projections on the Tower of Terror and other buildings, so much better than the Illuminations show on the castle, in my opinion.

Advent Calendar at Disneyland Hotel, Goofy's Incredible Christmas,
Merry Stitchmas, Meeting Goofy, The Three Little Pigs in the Christmas Parade

Christmas at Disneyland Paris 2017 was truly magical and packed with magical experiences. I felt there was more to do than ever before to welcome in the Christmas season.


  1. Wow, that's the way to celebrate the holidays. Looks like a magical trip!

    1. Thanks Deb, it was packed with Christmas holiday fun xx