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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Lunch at the Lucky Nugget Saloon

This post is way over due as the Lucky Nugget Saloon in Frontierland at Disneyland Paris has become a favourite both with my kids and us all. It is the one place the kids request to eat on each trip. We have been coming here ever since it was renovated and reopened a couple of years ago with the added attraction of singing, a pianist and puppet shows to entertain the audience over lunch or a snack.

The decor at Lucky Nugget is very traditional and invokes the Victorian music hall with a touch of the wild west. There are tables on the floor in the middle and then tiered seating up the sides and at the top of the saloon with table space to eat your meal whilst watching the entertainment.

At the back of the restaurant is the stage where the entertainment happens. This is introduced by an enthusiastic host in Victorian dress who gets the crowd going with some songs with accompanying actions to clap and tap on the table. We have had some fun interaction with the presenter who often leaves the stage and moves around the room.

A talented pianist also plays during the entertainment and a glamorous puppet sings with her puppeteer, this reminds me of the puppets in Sesame Street or the show Avenue Q as she shows off her vocal skills.

The main entertainment are string puppet shows, involving Mickey and friends or involving the 'Roundup Gang' from Toy Story. The simple show tells a story related to Frontierland themes such as the Wild West and Phantom Manor. The shows are very accessible to all and will appeal to even the youngest children.

The recent 25th Anniversary menu at Lucky Nugget included a number of set meals such as ribs and chips, fish and chips or cheeseburger and chips with a drink and a dessert such as an ice-cream sundae. These meals were priced E21.99, with children's meals at E12.99  I have always thought the food is fairly plain but dependable family favourites. For Christmas 2017 they had a really tasty additional set menu including shredded duck in a bun with chips and a special Christmas chocolate dessert which was delicious (pictured below). The menu also includes a variety of items including as chips and chocolate brownie which can be brought on their own. We often find that three meals works between the four of us with some additions. This is a table service restaurant but you need to decide what your having and order before you are seated. This is not a restaurant which takes reservations. I have also been here for an afternoon drink and snack with friends and was able to enjoy the entertainment then too.

The mixture of pleasant food with some fun entertainment in an attractive and interesting environment keeps us coming back and has made this a favourite choice with our kids. I think the beautiful period decor and the added entertainment here is often overlooked by passers by and wouldn't be obvious to those heading through Frontierland. I hope this post my encourage others to check out the Lucky Nugget on their next trip to Disneyland Paris.

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