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Monday, 31 December 2018

Mickey Mouse Memories Pin Collection Diary

December 2018
So I have finally finished the pin book! December's pins are silver and a pretty way to complete the collection. I really like the pin in the middle because it looks like a kits and that makes me think of Mary Poppins! It is definitely Mary Poppins season at the moment!

I have also recently bought an addition to my original 1930s Mickey collection. This pin badge (missing its pin, £5) is an original silver art deco pin made by the Charles Horner company and sold in thetLiberty of London department store. I have been wanting one of these to add to my 1930s collection for a while so when I saw this one going so cheaply I couldn't resist! A nice way to come full circle back to the very first Mickey pins. 

Anyway, happy new year everyone! 

November 2018
So this month saw Mickey's big 90th Birthday, the reason for this collection being released. A number of fans decided to queue up in store for their Mickey Mouse Memories collection as the first customers got to take home a celebratory Mickey key but for the rest of us the internet was fine. Once again this month there were plenty of Mickey plushes, mugs and pins available. I resisted the plush this month but continued my pin collection.

I didn't find this month's arrow design particularly inspiring. It is pleasant enough but nothing special. The pin in the middle makes me think of a badge or emblem but doesn't speak to me of the last part of Mickey's history in any sense. Perhaps I really am out of touch with fashion- am  I missing something?

October 2018
Dear Diary,
Well, I finally succumbed! I said I wouldn't be buying the Mickey Mouse Memories plushes for a few different reasons, one being that it was far too stressful watching them sell out in seconds every month and I didn't want to be queuing up from dawn outside a Disney Store or bring online playing 'fastest finger first' at 8.00 a.m. . This month I went on the website at about 8.30 and not only were the pins still available but the plushes were too. Well, I really couldn't resist just owning one of them so there it went into my basket. Clearly, a little too late for many potential collectors, Disney seem to have done some redistribution on the collection so much so that it took two days this month for the plushes to sell out online and I have seen reports of them still available in some stores. I have also seen messages in one of the pick up groups in China that their plushes sold out very quickly so they have possibly sent the UK more this month and less over there? Who knows!

Mickey Memories plush and pins October 2018
October's Mickey and pins relaxing on the new Christmas blanket which is soft and furry underneath, perfect for snuggling under!

I am really liking this month's design which is a bit of a surprise even to me! I'm someone passionate about 20s and 30s original Mickey dolls and toys but I really love the modern, technology based patterns on this design. This month is very much 'millennial' Mickey decorated in code with 'Mickey' and 'Mouse' carefully smuggled into the design. This unifies all three pins which all include this pattern as part of the design. My favourite pin is the quizzical Mickey- I think his expression and the detail in the design. As always he completely reflects the look of the doll. I won't be collecting all the plushes but there are three things I really like about him - the glitter in the coding pattern is beautiful, the contrast between the fabric of the shorts and boots and the way they overlap make these seem very much like clothes and I like the clever way the fabric is embroidered to make the features of his face.

Mickey Mouse Memories pins October 2018

One theory is that one reason the dolls haven't sold so quickly this month because not so many people like the design. What do you think of this month's design? Have you got a favourite month so far?

September 2018
Dear Diary,
Well this month has been a Mickey Mouse Memories pins emotional rollercoaster! I am always very relaxed when buying the pins. I know that the Mickey Mouse Memories plush toys are in demand and sell out quickly in stores and immediately online. I've seen the photos of people queuing outside Disney Stores early morning and the disappointed Facebook posts from those who have failed to get the soft toys. Every month I haven't had the same worries about the pins which I have always been able to purchase a few days after release so on the 18th of this month I waited until the evening to purchase the pins for my collection. My heart sank when I saw that there were no pins available to add to my online basket. I kept looking and refreshing but it was no good. My second plan was to visit the Disney Store in Birmingham whilst there on Wednesday and hope they had some left. Having all the previous 8 months neatly arranged in the collector's book I couldn't believe I might not finish the collection!

Right before going to bed I happened to go upstairs and look something up on my desktop computer and to my amazement they had a set on the Disney Store in stock, my chance again for a brief moment and I snapped them up.

Set 9 September's Mickey Mouse Memories pins

I don't know if I got the last set, the backing card is creased which is a bit disappointing and the first time this has happened. The pins are very pretty, though. After last month's disappointing set, these ones are back to the fun prints. These are the early 90s at their best! I love the colours and the third pin definitely has a 'Saved by the Bell' feel to it! The first Mickey and the name pin both have small Mickey heads all over them and the other patternation looks like sprinkles.

So my collection continues and in October I shall now be joining the people waiting to buy their Mickey Memories at 8 in the morning with my fingers crossed!

August 2018- well it's September but I'll pretend it's August!
Dear Diary,
Apologies for the late entry as I know we are now well into September. I was in Florida when the pins were released in August but ironically, considering the amount of Disney merchandise I came across, I didn't come across these pins and so I ordered them from the new look Disney Store UK site- ShopDisney UK.

The new site seems to be good news for pin collectors as it has a much wider selection if pins. Unfortunately, that is where my positivity runs out during this entry as I just don't have the love for these pins. They absolutely seem to represent something about the 80s and as this was the decade of my childhood then I hoped to find something I liked about them but I don't!
The three August Mickey Mouse Memories pins

They are very shiny, almost too much that it makes the detail harder to see. Unfortunately the geometric patterns seem just ugly. The only nice thing I think I can say about them is that they remind me of Spaceship Earth. Oh well! Definitely can't win them all. Bring on September's pins...

July 2018
Dear Diary,
I headed out to the Disney Store to find the pins this month - the day after release and thankfully there were still a few packs behind the counter! I heard it reported that one Disney Store had a few of the July Mickey Mouse Memories plushes for sale the day after release- amazing!

Pins from July Mickey Mouse Memories collection

This month is a mixture of oranges and browns. Hard to 'pin' to a definitive era perhaps but very reminiscent for me of some of the dungarees and other clothes I remember being dressed in in the late 70s and early 80s! I'm also sure my sister had a hand-me-down Raleigh Chopper bike which was exactly that shade of brown. Both Mickey's have lined faces like corduroy (yes definitely reminding me of those first clothes!) and I think the use of the same sorts of textures for both the plush Mickey's and the pins means that even those of us who are just collecting the pins can appreciate the textures of the collection. The large Mickey expression is looking quite cross- we can only use our imagination to think why that might be- perhaps he is isn't too keen on being dressed in this month's colour scheme?! The repeated Mickey pattern reminds me of vintage patterned linoleum flooring and the middle pin reminds me of T-shirt emblems and definitely has a vintage feel.

Large Mickey head pin from Mickey Mouse Memories

Although this isn't my favourite set, I absolutely love the familiarity and memories which these patterns and colours evoke. What do you think about July's pins?

June 2018
Dear Diary!
I really love the groovy colours of June's tie dyed Mickey Mouse Memories pins. The blue denim effect contrasted against the rainbow colours and tie dye looks great.

I also think that the detail of the peace and love emblems in Mickey's ears are sweet. I have some original 1960s Mickey's and they look nothing like this! This collection is definitely not about reflecting the style of Mickey or the toys from that period, by today's standards I think many people wouldn't consider 60s Mickey to be very attractive so there are no real Mickey Memories here but it is still turning out to be a nice collection. I know many people have continued to be disappointed that they haven't managed to get the Mickey Memories plush each month but I have seen some great photos of the Mickey Memories plush collection photographed together, I can see that Disney really want this collection to stand together with a unified style and a timeless Mickey figure shape and they certainly seem to have achieved this.

May 2018
Dear Diary!
I think that this month's pins are my favourite in the collection so far.
May's Mickey Memories pins
May's Mickey Memories pins
 I love the colours- the baby blue and pink together, I love the emotions of the Mickeys- the joyful full body pin and the shocked Mickey head pin show Disney animation at its most expressive. I also really like the patternation on the Mickey pins plus this month's Mickey plush toy which is probably the first one I can say I really would like. I am certainly not getting involved, however, in the monthly race in store and online for these plush toys. The early starts and long queues seen in stores and the fingers ready to click at the moment of release online. The hype, the disappointed fans and the overpriced selling on on eBay. There has been so much about this that hadn't seemed a very magical experience. No such issues with the pins thankfully -I shall keep my head down and keep adding them to the collector book, I think if they issued the collector's book again they would sell more pins, however. What about you- have you been tempted to buy any of this collection. What are your thoughts on it?
May's Mickey Memories pins
May's Mickey Memories pins in the pin book which with slightly opaque envelopes unfortunately dulls the pretty colours a little. 

April 2018
Dear Diary!
It feels like a long time since I got my last set of pins. This month's pins (and matching Mickey plush and mug) are a classic brown colour palette with Mickey in leather style shorts. Not necessarily the most interesting colours and patterns this month but it is an opportunity to reflect on how well the growing collection works as a set with the contrasting colours of each month but simple motifs working through the collection with the first pin in each set being Mickey dressed in each month's colours.

April Mickey Memories pins

April Mickey Memories pins in the collector book

This month's pins are available via the DisneyStore inline the Mickey plush teddies in the collection which are still selling out within a couple of minutes. This has seemed to cause much bad feeling amongst fans as reflected in online forums and perhaps has made these teddies even more desirable. The most frustrating thing if collecting the plush must be the lack of any guarantee that it will be possible to get the teddy each month to build into a collection. This doesn't seem to be an issue with the pins and other pins from the collection are still available via the DisneyStore website. I think Disney would do well if they re-released the pin book to encourage collectors. Fingers crossed!
March 2018
Dear Diary!
My March pins have arrived and are really colourful. Ideal for trying to shake off this cold dark winter which has gone on and on! They focus on the 30s and the introduction of colour, showing off Mickey's iconic shorts. My favourite each month so far has been the first pin in each set showing  Mickey's full body. I love this one as his pose looks toy like.

I am not so taken with the second and third pin this month, perhaps I just prefer Mickey in his very early days. I am excited to see the rest of the collection, however and I love looking through the collector's album each month, this is a really great collection.
We'll see what April brings!

February 2018
Dear Diary!
I bought my pins on the 18th when they became available but they have only delivered today (27th) just when I was ready for an online 'chat' with Disneystore about there whereabouts- now I've started this collection, I've got to keep going! This month's pins have an Art Deco vibe with their golden colouring and honeycomb detail which makes the collection look beautiful together. My favourite pin this month is the first pin as I think Mickey has alot of character. Click on the photos for a better look!

Until next month,

January 2018
Dear Diary!
Ok, so I know it is half way through February but it took me until the beginning of this month to finally decide to take the plunge and begin collecting the Mickey Mouse Pin Collection. This year Disney Store are releasing a pin set, mug and Mickey Mouse teddy every month as part of this collection celebrating the changing style of the main mouse over the decades. I decided that the most practical thing to collect would be pins due to the size. However, I am a bit of an all or nothing girl so I knew that if I started collecting the pins I would want to try for the whole collection. The pin collector book sold out in days in January but when it was released for a second time and I had a working code to get some money off I was finally persuaded to take the plunge!

Disney Store Mickey Memories Pin collection

The pin book came with a starter pin which was missing from my delivery but after a quick call to the Disney Store it arrived speedily and I could finally add the pins to the book. There is also space for photos so I will dig out some of my own Mickey memories to add to the book too.

Disney Store Mickey Memories Pin collection

Disney Store Mickey Memories Pin collection

I think the pins are beautiful and at £15 for the set of 3 they are good value. The first set had a Steam Boat Willie theme, recalling Mickey's first cartoon adventure with sound. I do think that Disney could have gone a bit further and, perhaps, been a bit braver in their representation of Mickey who looked quite different in his early days to how he does now.

Disney Store Mickey Memories Pin collection

Disney Store Mickey Memories Pin collection

A couple of small niggles with the collection. Firstly the collectors book- the pockets are not completely clear, they are slightly opaque which means that viewing the pins whilst they are in the book is not quite as good as it should be! Also, I think Disney haven't gone far enough to recreate Mickey's original look in my opinion- perhaps Mickey's style over the decades in all honestly wouldn't suit today's tastes- hence why he has changed appearance so much over the years. I still think these are beautiful pins and should build into a beautiful collection.

Watch this space as I update my diary each month...

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