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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

My 1930s cabinet

It is fitting that during the year when Mickey Mouse turns 90 I recently rearranged my display cabinet so that it now holds mainly my 1920s and 30s Disney collection- plus a couple of slightly newer bits and one item which is not Disney but has a very strong connection to Disney- can you spot it? Do you know what the connection is?

This is a collection of items which has gradually grown over the last couple of years and has come from antique shops, flea markets and Ebay. It has become a bit of a passion, it is definitely my favourite Disney era.
Wade Heath porcelain cup

Mickey Christmas lights and box, babies plate, Wade Heath porcelain cup

 This Dopey was handpainted in different styles by Woolworth's. They were going to move onto the other Dwarfs when the 2nd World War broke out and they had to use the factory for the war effort instead. 

Flip the Frog annual, Wade Heath Dopey dish, playing cards.

Tumbling Mickey and original Birthday card

Deans Rag Book Mickey and original cigar silks. 

My American Mickey, more information about him here.

My most recent purchase, an original label for a French beret! 

I hope you've enjoyed a look at my oldest Disney collectables. This post forms part of the weekly Wordless Wednesday bloghop at

P.S. the odd one out? The Flip the Frog Annual, it's not quite Disney. When Disney animator Ub Iwerks first parted company with Walt Disney in the early days he created his own character who, along with others in this original annual, had a similar appearance to the other Disney characters of the time.


  1. Your collection is amazing! A lot of Disney history right there. All are so precious! Thanks for sharing them with us.