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Saturday, 28 July 2018

Review of Annette's Diner, Disneyland Paris

Review of Annette's Diner, Disneyland Paris

I can't believe that it has taken 12 trips to Disneyland Paris to finally try Annette's Diner. After many times walking past and saying "we really should try that" the kids and I finally visited this 50s American style restaurant in Disney Village during our June trip. This is table service but isn't possible to reserve in advance, we queued for about 20 minutes in the evening for a table, sometimes in the past I think it is the queue which forms outside the restaurant which has put us off.

The restaurant is quite quirky with a vintage car outside and a fantastic 50s statue inside at the front of the restaurant along with interesting 1950s inspired decor throughout. There were a number of the servers who were also skating around quickly on roller boots which was fun to watch as we waited to be seated.

waitress at Annette's diner. disneyland paris
A waitress on Roller Skates whizzes by...

We were taken to a table towards the back of the restaurant which was nicely decorated too but disappointingly our servers were not on wheels. Our seating area was nicely themed with 50s black and white tv clips playing on TVs embedded in the shape in the middle of our tables.  There where little jukeboxes at the tables which were cute but I wonder did they once actually work?! The holes for the coins were all covered up, in contrast to our visit to an Ed's Diner in the UK this week where they had very similar little jukeboxes at the tables and for 20p (for charity) the kids loved choosing Elvis songs to play in the restaurant.

Jukebox at Annette's Diner Disneyland Paris
Jukebox at the table...

table at Annette's diner. disneyland paris
Our seating area with TVs showing 1950's clips. 

It was a good job that we hadn't got any other plans for the evening and that we had arrived quite early as this certainly wasn't fast food! There really was no excuse for the length of time we waited for my burger and the kids' hot dog and chicken. Eventually when the food arrived it was very good and the fries were plentiful, especially for children's portions. The menu includes American style favourites as you would expect to find in a Diner some salads but mainly different variations of burgers and hot dogs with different toppings and sides.

We were lucky to be able to use our annual passes to get the complimentary non-alcoholic cocktail to drink with our dinner. I had the 'Annette's Favourite Menu' which for 19.99 Euro is two courses, a choice from the 'Annette's Classics' (I went for the Onion Burger) and the Brownie desert. The kids went for the E17.99 kids menu, which includes a tomato and mozzarella salad starter (unfortunately this never tempts my two), the mains included cheese burger, chicken breast, hot dog and fillet of fish and the kids chose hot dog and chicken breast. The kids both enjoyed the mains and the portions of fries were huge.
roast chicken childrens meal at Annette's diner. disneyland paris
Roast chicken children's meal with mozerella and tomato starter

hot dog childrens meal at Annette's diner. disneyland paris
Hot dog children's meal 
My onion burger was also very tasty and was cooked nicely to my request. The beef burger was accompanied by grilled onions, onion rings and red onion- hence the name! A great combination for this onion fan!
onion burger meal at Annette's diner. disneyland paris
Onion burger meal
The deserts also took their time but when they finally arrived went down very well! My Brownie was lovely, my daughter enjoyed her crepe and my son enjoyed his ice cream- I wasn't quick enough to get a photo!
crepe for desert at annettes diner
Crepe and chocolate sauce as part of the children's menu

chocolate brownie desert at Annette's diner. disneyland paris
Chocolate brownie 

By the time we left it was getting dark. Annette's was good for tasty food and big portions of fries but very poor for the time we waited to be served, I think we were there for well over two hours. We have been to other table restaurants such as Walt's for long meals of fine and loved it but that was for multipe courses of fine dining. As the food at Annette's is burgers and hot dogs I expected reasonably timely service. I could see other guests were even more unhappy about this than us and I don't know if this usual for this restaurant, I'd be interested to know if you have experience Annette's and how long you had to wait, please let me know in the comments. We would definitely go back again but I wouldn't choose to go in late with the kids or if I had other commitments that evening!

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  1. Looks like a fun dining option. Thanks for the honest review about the wait time. It's very helpful to know!

    1. Thanks Sarah, I've had a few comments on different forums since posting the review which tell me that a number of other guests (not all) have experienced similar wait times too.