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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Mickey's Art Collective- celebrating 90 years of the Mouse

What a roller coaster of a week!
I managed to get one of the last tickets released to see the free ticketed exhibition, Mickey's Art Collective in London on Sunday. The exhibition featured work by up and coming artists to celebrate Mickey's 90th and was only running for 3 days, Friday 16th - Sunday 18th November, Mickey's Birthday weekend. This little exhibition was a perfect way for this art lover and 1930s Mickey fan to celebrate the main mouse's big day...

The gallery, the Black and White Building was all in darkness when I arrived, thankfully the exhibition itself was a more welcoming space. I headed in to the video booth to make a very modern little momento- a gif with lots of props to use- I couldn't resist the sparkly ears and the hands!

The paintings were around the gallery space with explanatory text next to them. I loved that many of them were unframed and it was possible to see the textures of the paint, wood, spray paint and other materials which were used. It was great to see art work taking the same theme - Mickey- but using such different contrasting styles and approaches. Below is a tour of all the works on display by Mickey's Art Collective. My favourite piece in the exhibition was Carl Beazley's Wish Upon A Mouse- this was a very large and beautiful piece.

Carl Beazley- Wish Upon A Mouse

Fred Coppin- Decades of Doodle

Fred Coppin- Part of (Still) Life

Michael Bosanko- Another Seasoned Smile, Another Brand New Smile- Version 2

Brook Tate- More Than Just A Mouse

Ashton Attzs- Living His Best Life

Jimmy C- Atomic Mickey

Sam Adefe- Not Just Lines

Alexsandra Kruusberg- Golden Anniversary, 2018

Pal Kumar- Disney i

In Search of Sam- 90 Years of Memory

Jazz Stan- Ninety

Tanatswa Borerwe- Down Memory Lane

Do you have a favourite piece from the exhibition? Let me know what you thought in the comments below. There was a separate room showing film footage of the artists and vintage footage of original old Mickey cartoons- this linked the art work well with the vintage posters on display, a selection of original posters which will be auctioned at Sotherbys. Some of the posters are the only known surviving copies and all were a treat to view for this fan of 1930s Mickey...

 This was a small but welcoming exhibition with comfy chairs and colouring materials so that all ages would feel at home in the space. Free postcard sized prints were available to take away of some of the art work and I enjoyed my celebration of Mickey's 90th- Happy Birthday to an icon!

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  1. What an amazing exhibit. I would love to have been in London to see it in person. Glad you got to go.

    1. Thanks! I felt so lucky. I am so fascinated by the history of Mickey and his image.

  2. Wow! I loved the "Wish Upon a Mouse" painting. That artwork would be perfect for my collection.

    1. It is such a beautiful piece. It is hard to convey how big it was and all the textures in it. Just beautiful!

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