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Saturday, 17 November 2018

My little Mouse Haven!

Welcome to my little "Mouse Haven!"...

It all started with a papier mache head! Bought for £2 from Ebay which turned out to be from a 1930s ashtray- yes, times have changed since ashtrays were made from paper! My small collection of original items has grown slowly with bits bought online, in antique shops and vintage fairs, many of them picked up for a few pounds or less and all looking their age!

I am constantly inspired by the 'Mouse Heaven' collection of Mel Birkrant who considers the displays he creates with his 1930s Mickey collection as works of art- I too think that these displays are incredibly artistic and creative. His collections are extensive and he has been able to invest massive sums in his collections due to his success as a toy designer himself. This is the only place where we differ- he strives to collect perfect objects where as with my little budget I usually choose the items which are in far less than perfect condition but I am always in awe of the history behind them and wonder what stories they could tell. Birkrant created "Mouse Heaven", perhaps this is instead "Mouse Haven"- a place of safety for all those poor bits and pieces of early Disney and Mickey Mouse history who need a new home.

These figures were cut out by tiny shaky hands and were stuck on the back of a display of sample Christmas cards from 1929! They are identical to the figures used for books of cut out Mickey and Minnie dolls from 1933. 

This cup is part of a late 1930s Wade Heath Nursery Tea Set. I love Donald's long beak, a sign of the age of the design.  

This is a very early bisque Mickey and Pluto Christmas cake decoration. 

A 1930s Birthday Card starring Mickey Mouse.

This is a Happy Nak UK 1930s Mickey Mouse Money Box shaped like a post box. Unfortunately it is incredibly crazed so is not a very good example but it lives quite happily in my 'Mouse Haven' for poor old toys!

Mickey was made in Leicester, England at the Cascelloid factory. This became the well known toy manufacturers, Palitoy which went on to produce many well known toys.  This very delicate Mickey featured in a 1935 catalogue as a figure on a stand with Minnie, a figure holding an egg timer and the figure in the middle of a babies rattle. 

This very early Mickey is not possible to date as he is hand painted but he has all the holes needed to have once been a tumbling acrobat toy.

These two figures are Turmac tobacco silks, woven pictures which were given away with cigarettes by this Dutch company in the 1930s.

English Deans Rag Book Doll from 1930

Mickey made in America, likely to be by George Borgfeldt in 1932. He came in poor condition with no boots or gloves so I made new ones using an original pattern. Read more about him here

Original woven label for a French beret from the 1930s.

An original baby's dish made in England by Paragon, over the picture of Mickey and Minnie dancing it says "Happy days are here again". When I got this plate it had obviously been used for mixing paint!

1930s trapeze toy made by M.B. for Marks Brothers, Boston. I restrung the toy and he still works.

1930s Fisher Price Pluto puppet on a stand, with the 1944 Mickey Mouse annual behind. 

The 1932 Flip the Frog Annual (Dean and Son, England) is not quite Disney. When Disney animator Ub Iwerks first parted company with Walt Disney in the early days he created Flip.

Wade Heath Dopey dish and Woolworths Dopey, both 1930s. Dopey was handpainted in different styles by Woolworth's. They were going to move onto the other Dwarfs when the 2nd World War broke out and they had to use the factory for the war effort instead.

Mazda Christmas tree lights from around 1930.

Early dolls bedding consisting of a quilt and a sheet featuring pie eyed Mickey and Minnie- date and provenance unknown. 

I will keep adding this page if and when more bits and bobs join the collection.


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