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Friday, 11 January 2019

Completing the Mickey Mouse Sticker Book

Panini Mickey Mouse Sticker Story

When I first saw the Mickey Mouse Sticker Story collection in my local newsagent I knew that if I was ever going to finish one sticker book it would have to be this one! My love of old Mickey from the 1930s onwards was totally reflected in this book making it have wide appeal to Disney obsessed adults too. Completing the collection became my goal in the run up to Christmas 2018.  Back in the 1980s when I started the Black Cauldron sticker book I didn't really have other friends to swap with and on my pocket money I was limited to one or two packs a week hence it was so, painful work and never completed although I have fond memories of it.

Panini Mickey Mouse Sticker Story

The experience of completing this book has shown me really how much times have changed! Both regarding online swaps but also the appeal of sticker collections now to big kids as well as little ones! I have to say I was very worried when I read a Guardian newspaper article from March 2018 which stated that the average amount of money needed to complete a 2018 World Cup Sticker book was £773 or possibly £250 if swapping with other people. The World Cup sticker book held 682 stickers and the Mickey Mouse sticker book held 276. Surely it wouldn't cost anything like that??? I started by buying the starter pack of sticker book and 26 stickers. Further packets contained 5 stickers and I bought 3 packets at the newsagents. I was dismayed to see that the individual packets now cost 70p.

Panini Mickey Mouse Sticker Story

I then turned to eBay to see if I could get a better price and managed to get 20 packets for £8.50. This was a great start. Every page had a few stickers and I was really enjoying some of the older images and special stickers such as holographic ones. The book contains in total 130 standard stickers, 86 kiss-cut, 36 foil, and 24 holographic ones. The different finishes on the stickers are a nice part of this collection, I especially liked the foil effect on some of the older images.

Panini Mickey Mouse Sticker Story

I joined two Facebook groups just set up for this sticker collection and I was able to make six exchanges through these to get extra stickers I needed plus I made another exchange with a friend via Facebook. This way of putting people in contact with others with a shared interest really helped in order to make swaps for the price of a stamp. I then took the plunge to buy a box of 50 packets for £25 but it did the trick, my collection was nearly complete. I was given a couple of packs from kind friends and family as gifts. It was frustrating as the odds of getting a new sticker got less and less as I opened the packets so turned to Panini to get the last 15 stickers I needed, knowing that buying them from the company for 20p each was the most financially viable way to do it, the cost of the final stickers plus postage was £3.70.

Panini Mickey Mouse Sticker Story

It was a great feeling to finish the book. The stickers have created a book to celebrate Mickey's 90th which is worth having in itself, including pages on rarer characters such as Eega Beeva and images going right back to Mickey's beginnings. Many of the stickers make up a comic strip story and some stickers are so integrated into the story that I struggle to see them. Other stickers made up multi-sticker pictures and they are not so perfect but I am still pleased to have a finished sticker book! I had quite a few stickers left over so I was able to sell them on Ebay for £10 (plus postage). So, drum roll... roughly what did the sticker book cost to complete in the end..?

Starter Set £3.99
3 packets  £2.10
20 packets £8.50
50 packets £25
7 stamps   £3.85
Last 15     £3.70
=               47.14
- £10 sales £37.14

So there you have it folks, my complete sticker collection cost about £37.14. Completing it felt quite indulgent, especially when opening multiple packets at once but it was fun and in the end it didn't break the bank. I made some lucky purchases off Ebay and being in the groups definitely helped. Did you do this sticker collection? Are you tempted to have a go at one of them?

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