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Sunday, 25 August 2019

Primark Cafe with Disney

We live quite close to Birmingham but until this morning we hadn't visited the 'Primark Cafe with Disney' located in the new 'world's biggest Primark' which opened last year. I was in no rush to visit as I already found the size of Primark shops pretty overwhelming.

Disney shop
Disney shop area next to the cafe

I was in Birmingham anyway and happened to be on a mission to see if I could buy a boater hat from Primark to accompany a costume for the upcoming Disney running weekend in Paris. With the mission accomplished my son asked if we could go to the cafe and seeing that the queue had died down to one family waiting to be seated I agreed.

Micky ears at entrance to interactive area
Entrance to interactive area next to the cafe

I had read some pretty poor reviews previously about the amount of time spent queuing for the cafe and I felt we had made the right decision visiting earlier in the day, it was about 10.30.

At that point during the morning only some of the tables were taken which gave me an opportunity to photograph different parts of the cafe.

There were some booths which had a table with a built in games console with games like table hockey, being only two of us we were not given one of these and I thought it was a shame that they were not available to everyone- we asked to have a little look at the games when a table became available as we were leaving.

Interactive table at Disney cafe

However, there is a great little interactive games area next to the cafe with a tough responsive floor, touch game computers and games played using movement which is registered by a camera.

We were seated at a small table and had a look through the menu. We were informed when we arrived that the hot food (which is the kids meals) was not available but thankfully the Mickey waffles and pancakes were. I ordered them at the counter along with a coffee for myself and a hot chocolate for my son. I thought the costs were very reasonable with the hot chocolate, pancakes and waffles costing £2.50 each and my small Americano costing £1.85.

The food came nicely presented with fruit and the option of a cup of chocolate sauce or maple syrup included. Everything tasted great and although I thought the pancakes seemed quite small compared to the waffles my son didn't complain and said they were the best pancakes he had every tasted!
Mickey Pancakes
Mickey Pancakes

Mickey waffles
Mickey waffles

hot chocolate
Hot chocolate

We really enjoyed our visit and returned again the next day as my daughter was desperate to visit too. This time, despite having a late afternoon visit I was pleased to see we still had only a few minutes wait to be seated. Also the hot children's meals were on offer. Both kids chose cheese and tomato pizza and wedges which seemed really fresh and tasty. The kids enjoyed using the games area whilst they were waiting for the food.

pizza and wedges
Pizza and potato wedges

The Primark is conveniently located only 5 minutes walk from New Street and Moor Street stations. I am glad we went to the cafe but I would not travel any distance solely to Birmingham to visit the cafe also the potential of long queues or possibility of some of the food not being available could make that very disappointing.

It is hard to compare this to other places. I previously had visited the Disney Cafe that they used to run in Harrods in London and I loved the decor there. Disney Cafe in Harrods was definitely more of a restaurant and with restaurant prices, I reviewed its Wild West Theme here and general Disney theme here. Being more of a cafe, Primark felt quite different from these previous experiences. It was definitely not so polished and had much simpler theming but far more accessible for everyone to enjoy.

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